My Back Pain and MBT Shoes

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OK, this is starting to look grim. The low back is really not going as well as I would like. I have been working daily on exercises while keeping the running going. I have tried modifying the way I run, but to no avail. The next step is going to have to be physiotherapy. I have even resorted to the MBT shoes (there is a lot of good info and debate on these their). These shoes strangely call themselves the anti-shoe that mimics barefoot walking yet are the most bulky shoe I have ever seen. I guess that is just marketing hype. There is also a lot of info on if the MBT shoes actually work. I reached the conclusion that they do alter the posture and in some cases, that can be a positive thing and in others that can be a negative think, so I guess I got nothing to lose by trying. Its appears that adapting to MBT shoes is important and the transition needs to be careful. The marathon is a no go if I cannot get on top of this problem. I will let you know what happens.



Shin Splints

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This is getting depressing the medial tibial stress syndrome or shin splints is still niggling. Not really enough to stop the running, but enough to be frustrating. I have substituted a number of runs with the bike or deep water running and a few days of that does help, but a soon as I put together a few good runs, it just comes back. I think I got the shoes and muscle conditioning right. The next step has got to be a closer look at my running form. Have been spending a lot of time reading up on this and will report back.

My Back Hurts

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My back has been aching a bit lately. Could be my age; could be the running; could be a core stability issue. It’s one of those problems that could come right tomorrow or I may need to get some help. I have been putting off seeing anyone for it for now. I have been doing some core stability exercises and yoga type activities, but they do not seem to be helping. Or they are helping by not letting it get worse. Low back pain is a common and big problem.

I did come across a facetious comment on back pain that said something like that you get better in two weeks with treatment and get better in a fortnight without treatment. So what is one to do?

If I have a leg length difference, then no amount of core stability is going to help. I did check out a podiatry site on leg length differences and noted that they cannot even agree about it. No matter what I read on things like the role of leg length difference, there is a lot of disagreement between the experts (and I well aware that everything I read on the internet is true !).

I will give it another week and get it checked. If it is a leg length difference, then it sounds as though its not to difficult to manage.

First Injury – Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

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It was bound to happen. I am starting to develop what looks like the first injury. From everything I have read it looks like medial tibial stress syndrome. I have read a lot on it and am not going to do anything about it just yet except cut back on the running a bit and head down to the pool for some deep water running sessions rather than road running. Hopefully it will start to settle, then gradually cut back on the pool running and up the road running to where I should be at.

First Injury – Severs Disease in the kid!

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The first injury is not even mine! My 13 year old boy has developed Severs Disease, so I spent a lot of time looking for resources on that. Severs disease is like a stress fracture of the growth plate at the back of the heel bone. This area of the bone is very prone to injury in growing kids as it is the part of the bone that the Achilles tendon attaches to. Apparently the most common cause of this is hard impacts in sport, which given how much he is doing then it is not a surprise.

I read a lot on it at Podiatry Arena and the Foot Health Forum. In this thread, Severs Disease Treatment, there was some good advice.

This is what we going to do:
1. Cut back on his activity levels
2. use a soft cushioning heel raise (Severs disease heel cups)
3. Calf muscle stretching.

Will not worry about the doctor at this stage as from what I understand this is all that can be done in the early stages. X-rays for severs disease are of no use.