I have been seeing a few more people wearing the Vibram Five Fingers so did some looking around. The Vibrams are the shoes that are being used by the barefoot runners when they want to wear shoes (sounds a bit odd to me!). The whole idea of behind those promoting barefoot running is that it is supposed to lower the number of overuse injuries that runners get. From what I can ascertain is that the opposite is actually the case.

I came across this article in the San Francisco Weekly (Vibram FiveFingers shoes and the annoying people who buy them) that those who buy Vibram Five Fingers are the most annoying customers they have! Then there was a comment on this Vibram Five Fingers discussion, that one sports shop that offers money back guarantees, is getting a whopping 50% return on the Vibrams! And this discussion on Vibram FiveFingers Cause Metatarsal Stress Fractures? And this article on it: Stress Fractures in the Vibram FiveFinger’s  and this reporter who got one: Minimalist Sneakers Send Runner Limping Away. The US army have banned them: U.S. Army Outlaws Vibram Five Fingers.  A visit to any barefoot running forum shows a lot of people asking about their injuries which barefoot runners are claimed not to get!

It is difficult to get some unbiased reviews on barefoot sites about the Vibrams, they all seem to love them, but I never seen any mention on these sites about all the problems that are being discussed or mentioned elsewhere.

Think I will stay away from them.