My back has been aching a bit lately. Could be my age; could be the running; could be a core stability issue. It’s one of those problems that could come right tomorrow or I may need to get some help. I have been putting off seeing anyone for it for now. I have been doing some core stability exercises and yoga type activities, but they do not seem to be helping. Or they are helping by not letting it get worse. Low back pain is a common and big problem.

I did come across a facetious comment on back pain that said something like that you get better in two weeks with treatment and get better in a fortnight without treatment. So what is one to do?

If I have a leg length difference, then no amount of core stability is going to help. I did check out a podiatry site on leg length differences and noted that they cannot even agree about it. No matter what I read on things like the role of leg length difference, there is a lot of disagreement between the experts (and I well aware that everything I read on the internet is true !).

I will give it another week and get it checked. If it is a leg length difference, then it sounds as though its not to difficult to manage.